About Us

"Original flavor Lingers
                    for half a century"

Ipoh White Coffee” is an internationally renowned local drink. The coffee species that is widely well-received had its origin in “Chang Jiang Coffee Shop (White Coffee)” in the town of Ipoh. After the developments in a few decades, the coffee shop has grown into “Chang Jiang International Sdn Bhd” of today.

Founded in 1995, “Chang Jiang International Sdn Bhd” is a well-known “White Coffee” manufacturing enterprise in Malaysia. Chang Jiang is acclaimed as the originator of white coffee and the first enterprise that operates white coffee business as a brand according to the town-folks’ stories.

To produce best quality white coffee, Chang Jiang International takes charge of all the procedures from bean selections to sales. After years of efforts and with good management, we have grown from strength to strength along a diversified line by marketing a number of white coffee and a range of beverages with our ‘own brands’.

Chang jiang International Sdn Bhd has a perfect production system supported by a wealth of experience and techniques and is a business partner of many food and beverage groups in and outside the country. You are welcome to log on further and we hope we can become your white coffee consultant or partner.